The Journal of Haitian Studies (JOHS) is the flagship journal in the field of Haitian Studies and the official publication of the Haitian Studies Association. It is the only refereed scholarly journal dedicated solely to scholarship on Haiti and Haiti's relations with the international community. It addresses histories of oppression and resistance movements as well as the political and cultural contributions that Haiti makes toward larger liberation struggles.

With Claudine Michel as senior editor, JOHS has been published at the University of California, Santa Barbara, since 1995. The Journal's editorial board consists of leading national and international scholars specializing in a wide range of academic fields, including political science, sociology, education, literature, and religion. The Journal accepts manuscript submissions in English, French, Haitian KreyĆ²l, and Spanish.

 In 2014, the Public Archive placed JOHS at the top of its list of best publications on Haiti.