Kalfou Inaugural Issue

Affect, Intimacy, Justice and Power
Inaugural Issue, Spring 2010


  • "Ethnic Studies at the Crossroads," by George Lipsitz
  • "Witnessing and the Poetics of Corporality," by Rosa-Linda Fregoso
  • "The Challenges of Blues and Hip Hop Historiography," by Clyde Woods
  • "Slaying the Beast: Reflections on Race, Culture, and Species," by Claire Jean Kim
  • "The Indigenous Peoples’ Movement: Theory, Policy, and Practice," by Duane Champagne
  • Talkative Ancestors: Fannie Lou Hamer
  • Keyword: "Now," by George Lipsitz
  • "The 2009 Latina/o Education Summit: Critical Issues for 109 Immigrant and Undocumented Students in the Latina/o Education Pipeline," by Denise Pacheco
  • Art and Social Action: "The Sacred Drum Theatre Company: Bringing Africa to America," by Susan Fitzpatrick Behrens
  • Mobilized 4 Movement: "Immigrant Women Workers at the Center of Social Change: AIWA Takes Stock of Itself," by Jennifer Chun, George Lipsitz, and Young Shin
  • Teaching and Truth: "This Piece Is for My Student César," by Renée Floresca
  • In Memoriam: "Against the Current, Red Salmon Dreams: raúlrsalinas, 1934–2008," by Alan Eladio Gómez
  • Book Review: "Downtown Ladies: Informal Commercial Importers, a Haitian Anthropologist, and Self-Making in Jamaica by Gina A. Ulysse," reviewed by Eileen Boris