Haitian Meeting

UCSB has distinguished itself as the major Haitian studies center west of the Mississippi.

Its Haitian Studies Initiative offers critical analyses about Haiti and its rapport with the international community to support policy, community development, and social justice in Haiti and in the diaspora while also developing epistemological models that augment scholarship and sustain these interventions. The current work builds on 20 years of research on Haiti.



KOSANBA: A scholarly association dedicated to the study of Haitian Vodou.     KOSANBA

Carrefour-Feuilles Project

The project brought UCSB scholars and students together with Haitian faculty and students, community leaders and residents, grassroots organizations, and international nongovernmental organizations working in Carrefour-Feuilles to evaluate community needs and UCSB’s contribution to community development. READ MORE

The Journal of Haitian Studies is the only refereed scholarly journal dedicated solely to scholarship on Haiti and Haiti's relations with the international community.     JOHS

Haiti Flag Week

Haiti Flag week is an annual series that brings to the UCSB campus a scholar, an activist, and an artist who work in/on Haiti and raise awareness about Haiti’s history and culture as well as the contemporary struggles the country faces. The series was created in 2007 by Professor Nadège T. Clitandre, then a dissertation fellow in the Department of Black Studies and currently a research affiliate at the Center for Black Studies Research. The series was inaugurated in 2008 with a talk given by Dr. Clitandre titled "The Position of Haiti in the African Diaspora."