Flag Week 2011

Monday, May 16, 2011 to Thursday, May 19, 2011

MultiCultural Center Theater, UCSB


The Center for Black Studies Research invites you to join us for Haiti Flag Week. Speakers and events will explore higher education in a reconstructing nation, collaboration and development, sacred Vodou flags, and the challenges facing Haiti's children. Details, including locations and times, listed below.


Collaboration That Works: A Conversation on Haiti Urban Initiatives
Claude Alexandre, Institute for Urban Initiatives at Fuller Theological Seminary
An accomplished executive with years of local and international experience,  Alexandre has served as consultant and business advisor to nonprofit organizations and NGOs including Fonkoze. He currently heads the Haiti Development Initiative at the Institute of Urban Initiatives, and is working with the State University of Haiti to create a Center for Research and Psychosocial Interventions to support the needs of the Haitian community as a result of the earthquake.
12:00 Noon - MultiCultural Center Theater

Rebuilding Our Future: Higher Education & Reconstruction in Haiti
Alix Cantave, Government Relations & Public Affairs, UMass Boston    
Associate Director of the William Trotter Institute for the Study of Black Culture, Cantave is also one of the founders of the Haitian Studies Association (HSA), an organization designed to promote scientific research on Haiti and Haitians. For more than two decades, he has been a major player in helping to facilitate and create a climate conducive to economic and educational development in Haiti, including the new Consortium for Rebuilding and Improving Higher Education in Haiti.
1:00 pm - MultiCultural Center Theater


Conversation on Haiti's Development
Alix Cantave, organizer of the  Consortium for Rebuilding and Improving Higher Education in Haiti, in conversation with Dr. Clyde Woods, Professor in Black Studies and Acting Director of the Center for Black Studies Research, and Claudine Michel, Professor in Black Studies and Editor of the Journal of Haitian Studies.
11:00 - 12:15 - Phelps 1260


Haitian Flag Day Feast
12:00 Noon - Center for Black Studies Research, 4603 South Hall

Sacred Banners & the Sequined Revolution: Drapo Vodou and the Haitian Independence
Patrick Polk, World Arts & Culture, UCLA
An expert on folk religion, popular culture, and urban visual traditions, Polk is the author of  Haitian Vodou Flags and the forthcoming Conjurers, Healers, and Hoodoo Doctors: Readings on African-American Magic and Folk Medicine, among other books. In 1996 he curated "Sequined Spirits: Contemporary Vodou Flags" at UCLA's Fowler Museum.
4:00 pm - MultiCultural Center Theater

(Throughout Flag Week, Davidson Library will be hosting a display of Haitian Drapo Vodou on the first floor.)


Children's Lives in Displacement: Child Protection after the Earthquake
Tony Hoffman, Psychology, UC Santa Cruz
Dr. Hoffman has devoted much of his time and research to the study of children in extremely difficult circumstances. Among other classes, he teaches two unique courses on Children and War and Children in Extreme Circumstances, both the only undergraduate courses on these topics in the nation. His clinical practice is devoted to child, adolescent and family psychology.
4:00 pm - MultiCultural Center Theater

"Children of Haiti"  Film Screening
Following the day-to-day lives of three teenage street boys in the northern city of Cap-Haitien, Children of Haiti provides an intimate view of the country-wide orphan epidemic. (52 mins)
5:00 pm - MultiCultural Center Theater