Writing Creole

Les sons du Creole haïtien

Jean-Robert Cadely

Women Writing Creole: Deyita's Esperans Dezire, Sistren's Lionheart Gal, and Mamita Fox's Identifikashon

Roberto Strongman

Literary History & Historic Drama

Jean Métallus' Historic Drama: The Epic of the Haitian Nation

Marie-Agnès Sourieau

Ethnography, Exile, and Haitian Literary History in Dany Laferrière's Pays sans Chapeau

Martin Munro

Transnationality, Memory & Identity

Reformulating Haitian Literature Transnationally: Identifying New and Revised Tropes of Haitian Identity in Edwidge Danticat's Breath, Eyes, Memory

Nadège Clitandre

Breath, Eyes, Memory: Rape, Memory, and Denunciation

Lucía M. Suárez

Cinematographic Gaze

Filmer sans compromis: An Interview with Raoul Peck

Christopher McAuley & Claudine Michel

"Profit and Nothing But!" (Le Profit et rien d'autre!): Raoul Peck's Impolite Thoughts on the (Haitian Diasporic) Class Struggle

Jana Evans Braziel


Book Reviews

Caribbean Creolization: Reflections on the Cultural Dynamics of Language Literature, and Identity, by Kathleen Balutansky & Marie-Agnès Sourieau

—Review by Valerie Kaussen

Why the Cocks Fight: Dominicans, Haitians, and the Struggle for Hispaniola, by Michele Wucker

—Review by Sheridan Wigginton

Trends in Ethnic Identification Among Second-Generation Haitian Immigrants in New York City, by Flore Zéphir

—Review by Carol M. Berotte Joseph

Foundations of Despotism: Peasants, the Trujillo Regime and Modernity in Dominican History, by Richard Lee Turits

—Review by Jean-Germain Gros

When the Hands are Many: Community Organizations and Social Change in Rural Haiti, by Jennie Smith

—Review by Tatiana Wah