Jacques Roumain

Frantz-Antoine Leconte

Reclaiming Culture

Dunham Possessed: Ethnographic Bodies, Movement, and Transnational Constructions of Blackness

Stephanie L. Batiste

Attempts at Educational Reform

Maurice Dartigue, Educational Reform, and Intellectual Cooperation with the United States as a Strategy for Haitian National Development, 1934-1946

Chantalle Francesca Verna

Encouragement, Consequences, Honor, Respect: Empowering Parents to Transition Successfully to a Democratic Culture

Guilhène Wolff Benjamin

The Making of Identities

A Descriptive Evaluation of Religiosity among Haitian Immigrants: An Empirical Study

Guerda Nicolas, Angela M. DeSilva, Anabel Bejarano, and Astrid Desrosiers

Understanding the Sending Context of Haitian Immigrant Students

Charlene Désir

NGOs and Local Development

Invasion or Infusion? Understanding the Role of NGOs in Contemporary Haiti

Mark Schuller

Eradicating Global Poverty: Is It Really Achievable?

Anne Hastings

Research Notes

Haiti and the Jean Dominique Investigation: An Interview with Mario Joseph and Brian Concannon

Jeb Sprague

Il était une fois un pays phare qui s’appelait Haïti

Gérard Bissainthe


Book Reviews

Just Below South: Intercultural Performance in the Caribbean and the U.S. South, by Jessica Adams, Michael P. Bibler, and Cécile Accilien (Eds.)

—Review by Anny Dominique Curtius

Dominican-Americans and the Politics of Empowerment, by Ana Aparicio

—Review by Lourdes Torres

The Armorial of Haiti: Symbols of Nobility in the Reign of Henry Christophe, by Clive Cheesman (Ed.)

—Review by Patrick Bellegarde-Smith

Twinning Faith and Development: Catholic Parish Partnering in the U.S. and Haiti, by Tara Hefferan

—Review by Sara Baird Amodio

Frédéric Marcelin. Un Haïtien se penche sur son pays, by Léon-François Hoffmann

—Review by Hugues Saint-Fort

An Unbroken Legacy: Haiti, from Revolution to the Kidnapping of a President, by Randall Robinson

—Review by Gerald Horne

The French Imperial Nation-State: Negritude and Colonial Humanism between the Two World Wars, by Gary Wilder

—Review by Jennifer Schneiderjans