Special Issue on Frankétienne
Guest Editor: Jean Jonassaint

Editor's Note

Au prisme des autres, des prises de l'Autre : Frankétienne

Jean Jonassaint, Guest Editor

Frankétienne: Critical Explorations

Totolomannwèl: Frankétienne and the One Man Show

Alvina Ruprecht

Voyance au pays maudit: Allegorical Masks in Frankétienne’s Fleurs d’insomnie

Seanna Sumalee Oakley

Eating His Words: An Aesthetic of Rewriting Exemplified in Les Métamorphoses de l’Oiseau Schizophone

Rachel Douglas

Narrational Devices, Discourses of Emancipation: Frankétienne’s Les Affres d’un défi

Alessandra Benedicty

Showing vs. Telling: Spiralisme in the Light of Antillanité

Kaiama L. Glover

Translating Frankétienne: Gun Blesse America

The Joy of Completing a Translation in Class

Isabelle Cata

Translators' Comments on L'Amerique saigne (Gun Blesse America)

Alison Dykman, Tracy Elizabeth Robey, and Natalie Hampshire

Gun Blesse America

Frankétienne & Claude Dambreville

Frankétienne: Selected Works

from H'Éros-Chimères





Book Reviews

From Saint-Domingue to New Orleans: Migration and Influence, by Nathalie Dessens

—Review by Garvey F. Lundy

A Colony of Citizens: Revolution and Slave Emancipation in the French Caribbean, 1787 –1804, by Laurent Dubois

—Review by Radica Mahase

The Roots of Haitian Despotism, by Robert Fatton Jr.

—Review by Robert Maguire

Being and Blackness in Latin America: Uprootedness and Improvisation, by Patricia D. Fox

—Review by Gaye Theresa Johnson

Damming the Flood: Haiti, Aristide and the Politics of Containment, by Peter Hallward

—Review by Jean-Germain Gros