Index Issue - Volumes 1-14

Vodou Epistemologies

Transcorporeality in Vodou

Roberto Strongman

Constructing Africa: Authenticity and Gine in Haitian Vodou

—Adam McGee

Music, Vodou, and Rhythm in Nineteenth-Century Haiti

Martin Munro

Medcin Fèy and Postmodernism: The Root of the Rituals

Sara A. Rich

The Lens of Literature

Translating Marie Vieux-Chauvet’s Les Rapaces for a Transnational Haiti

—Carolyn Shread

Bicentenaire de Lyonel Trouillot: émiettement temporel et polyphonie narrative

Stéphanie Bérard

Portraits of Haiti

Mapping Haitian History: Photo Essay

—Stephanie Curci

The Emasculated Possession: The Photographic Representation of Haiti

—Leah Gordon


Speaking of Faith: Living Vodou

—Krista Tippet and Patrick Bellegarde-Smith


Book Reviews

Raoul Peck, Sometimes in April (Reviewed by Andrew Michael Lee and Summer Marie Gray)
Renée Larrier, Autofiction and Advocacy in the Francophone Caribbean

—Eloise A. Brière

Jacques Roumain, Oeuvres complètes

—Jean Norgaisse

Albert Valdman, Haitian Creole-English Bilingual Dictionary

—Flore Zéphir

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