Who Decides?: Defining the Promises and Perils of Autonomy, Engagement, and Institutional Change in Haiti Post-Quake

Fabienne Doucet & Jody A. Dublin

NGO Nation

Unintended Consequences: The Technology of Indicators in Post-Earthquake Haiti

Margaret L. Satterthwaite & P. Scott Moses

Genetically Modified Organizations?: Understanding and Supporting Civil Society in Urban Haiti

Mark Schuller

To Defend or Develop?: On the Politics of Engagement among Local Organizations in Bel Air, Haiti, Before and After the Quake

Chelsey Kivland

Childhood & Education in Crisis

Moving Children in Haiti: Some Hypotheses on Kinship, Labor, and Personhood in the Haitian Context

Diane Hoffman

Arrested Development: How Lack of Will Cripples Educational Reform in Haiti

Fabienne Doucet

L'Eseignement Supérieur en Haïti: Une Evaluation post-Sismique/Perspectives de Reconstruction et de Rèforme

Antoine Atouriste


Book Reviews

Travesty in Haiti: A True Account of Christian Missions, Orphanages, Food Aid, Fraud, and Drug Trafficking, by Timothy Schwartz

—Review by Benjamin Edwards

Tectonic Shifts: Haiti Since the Earthquake, edited by Mark Schuller & Pablo Morales

—Review by Pierre Minn