Health and Development

Water in Their Eyes, Dust on Their Land

Pierre Minn

Sécurité alimentaire en Haïti

Uli Locher

Colonial History

Haitian Contributions to American History: A Journalistic Record

Leara Rhodes

Colonial Hell and Female Resistance in Saint-Domingue

Jayne R. Boisvert

Literature and Society

L'histoire et le mythe dans Les Cacos de Jean Métellus

Jean-Marie Salien

A Democracy of Words: Political Performance in Haiti's Tenth Province

Karen E. Richman and William Leslie Balan-Gaubert

Vodou Representations

How Hougans Use the Light from Distant Stars

LeGrace Benson

Reading the Signs in Pauline Melville's "Erzulie"

Helen Pyne-Timothy

Research Report

Renesans Dèyè Simityè: Yon Pwojè Edikatif Pòtoprens-Nouyòk

Lois Wilcken and Garry Augustin

Review Essay

A Day for the Hunder, a Day for the Prey: Popular Music and Power in Haiti; Dancing Spirits: Rhythms and Rituals of Haitian Vodou, The Rada Rite, by Gage Averill and Gerdès Fleurant

—Review by Douglas Henry Daniels


Book Reviews

Mama Lola, by Karen McCarthy Brown

—Review by Laënnec Hurbon

Vodou: Visions and Voices of Haiti, by Phyllis Galembo

—Review by Nancy Mikelsons

Taking Haiti: Military Occupation and the Culture of U.S. Imperialism, 1915-1940, by Mary A. Renda

—Review by Gerald Horne

Film Reviews

The Haitians, the Healers, and the Anthropologist—2 Case Studies, by Philip Singer (film)

—Review by Reginald Crosley

Breaking Leaves: Herbal Medicine in Haiti, by Karen Kramer

—Review by Patrick Bellegarde-Smith