Reading between the Lines of Revolutionary History: New Perspectives on Records and Archives

Runaways, Repertoires, and Repression: Marronage and the Haitian Revolution, 1766–1791

Crystal Nicole Eddins

Juste Chanlatte: A Haitian Life

Grégory Pierrot

Secret History: or, The Horrors of St. Domingo in a Series of Letters . . . (Philadelphia, 1808): Saint-Domingue through the Lens of an American Woman on the Eve of Haitian Independence

Cécile Accilien

Prioritizing Haitian Cultural Identity in Art and Education

"Kreyòl Pale, Kreyòl Konprann": Haitian Identity and Creole Mother-Tongue Learning in Matènwa, Haiti

Rachèle-Jeanie Delva

Face à l'indigénisme: Analyse comparative des oeuvres de Pétion Savain et de Jean-René Jérôme et Jacques Gabriel

Pascale Romain

Literary Strategies for Confronting Historical Trauma

Remembering and Forgetting the Duvaliers: Grappling with Haitian Memory in the Works of Marie-Célie Agnant and Dany Laferrière

Olivia Jones Choplin

Lasirèn, Labalèn: L'Abysse en migration dans Claire of the Sea Light

Roselyne Gérazime

Research Notes

« Dekouvèt Ayiti » oswa « Nouvo Monn » lan, sa se manti ki dwe kaba

Claudy Delné

We Are All Haitians: In Memory of J. Michael Dash

Matthew J. Smith

Lilyan Kesteloot's Long-Lasting Imprint on Afrodiasporic Studies: An Obituary

Kathleen Gyssels

Book Reviews

Bref regard sur deux siècles de peinture haïtienne (1804–2004) / Brief Overview of Two Centuries of Haitian Painting (1804–2004), by Michel-Philippe Lerebours

Peter Haffner

Des décombres et des hommes. Chroniques de la vie quotidienne en Haïti après le 12 janvier 2010, by Jean Marie Théodat

Darline Alexis

Vodou in Haitian Memory: The Idea and Representation of Vodou in Haitian Imagination, edited by Celucien L. Joseph and Nixon S. Cleophat

Rebecca Vedavathy

Empire's Guest Workers: Haitian Migrants in Cuba during the Age of US Occupation, by Matthew Casey

Alvarès Louis

A Place in the Sun: Haiti, Haitians, and the Remaking of Quebec, by Sean Mills

Regine O. Jackson

Detain and Punish: Haitian Refugees and the Rise of the World’s Largest Immigration Detention System, by Carl Lindskoog

Ayanna Legros