Elections and Democratic Stuctures

The Integration of Hispaniola: A Reappraisal of Haitian-Dominican Relations in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

Sara Johnson-La O

Haiti's Political Gridlock

Robert Maguire

Colonial Politics

L'Abbé Grégoire et la Révolution Haïtienne

Jean-François Brière

The Exile of the 1791 Slave Leaders: Spain's Resettlement of its Black Auxiliary Troops

David Geggus

Contemporary Politics

Operation Restore Democracy?

Philippe R. Girard

US Policy in Haiti: The Failure to Help Despite the Rhetoric to Please

Henry F. (Chip) Carey

Transnational & Grassroots Organizing

Transnational Organizing and the Haitian Crisis, 1991-1994

Götz-Dietrich Opitz

Can Hometown Associations Foster Democratic Change in Haiti?

François Pierre-Louis

A New Haiti: A Proposal for a Model Community in Haiti

Stuart M. Leiderman

Research Notes

Qismat of the Names of Allah in Haitian Vodou

LeGrace Benson

Mammy Dearest: A Home Decorating Catalog Reminds Us that Prejudice takes Many Shapes

Elizabeth Chin

Réflexion: Vaudou et Socièté en Haïti

René Piquion


Book Reviews

Haiti's Predatory Republic: The Unending Transition to Democracy, by Robert Fatton, Jr.

—Review by Gerald Horne

Haiti in Focus: A Guide to the People, Politics and Culture, by Charles Arthur

—Review by LeGrace Benson

Vodou: Spirits of Haitian Art (Museum exhibit/Robert Brictson)

—Review by Ysamur M. Flores-Peña

General Sun, My Brother, by Jacques Stephen Alexis (translated by Carrol F. Coates)

—Review by Marc Prou